My Personal CBD Skincare Routine

I’ve been getting SO many messages lately asking about my skincare routine! Herbals and CBD have literally changed my skin. I used to experience breakouts often and could never find anything that helped. I spent A LOT of money on expensive skincare that often never worked and even made it worse.

There are so many plant friends that support skin issues. Some of my favorites are calendula, plantain, horsetail, chamomile, and rose - but adding CBD just offers a huge kick in the ass to problem skin issues!

Many of our cannabinoid receptors are found through the layers of our skin. CBD treatment benefits include:
• They are highly anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
• Hemp contains fatty acids omega 3+6 and supports the regeneration of skin cells.
• CBD affects the output of oils which inhibit lipid production (improving acne) and can also increase the output of sebum (supporting dry skin conditions).
• They are super high in antioxidants and are actually more powerful than vitamins A, C, E, and omegas which are also all present in this plant medicine!
• Hemp has the ability to control cell growth/death. This herb is amphoteric meaning it does what your body needs supporting the body achieving homeostasis.

My two favorite skin creations that I make and use most are the Garden Goddess Face Elixir and the Flower Medicine Exfoliating Oil Cleanser. I use the exfoliating oil cleanser daily, followed by a few sprays of one of the toning mists. I use the face oil elixir last – alternating between the Garden Goddess, the Cacao Rose, and the Forest of Lavender. These provide lasting moisture that absorbs very nicely and this combo of care leaves my skin feeling soft, glowing, and full of LIFE!

Creating these products for women has been a super special experience, and they have been so well received, bringing me so much joy! Self-care is so important, and there is something magical about utilizing the plants in this way. From harvesting the blossoms to infusing the oils to perfecting the scent profile – each step is done with intention and care. I hope you grow to love what they can do as much as I do. 

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