Two Ways to Incorporate Hemp Honey Into Your Mindful Wellness

hemp honeyIf you're new to the concept of cannabidiol, more commonly abbreviated to CBD, knowing the difference between the products offered can be a little overwhelming. However, if you ask the right questions and do a little research, CBD treatments can be an excellent addition to your mindful wellness management. Different from recreational use, CBD treatments are largely used to help treat a medical condition, with more than 62% of users stating that they've pursued treatments for that reason. The most common medical conditions treated with CBD are pain, depression, and anxiety. We could spend an entire post on the benefits of topical application for use in pain management, but today, we'd like to spend a little time discussing some of the ways you can incorporate hemp honey products into your existing anxiety routine.

Make A Cup of Tea

When talking about the ways to manage an especially nagging case of anxiety, drinking a hot cup of tea has always been at the top of the list. Not only is the ritual of taking time to prepare the tea a soothing way to care for yourself, but there's just something about inhaling the steam from a nice, warm beverage to help calm your nerves. If anxiety is the problem you're dealing with, try to avoid caffeine. Instead, try a nice herbal tea like chamomile or jasmine, and add a touch of sweetness with a spoonful of hemp honey. Pour the water into your favorite mug, curl up on the couch, and you'll be relaxing in no time.

Try Cooking and Baking

If you're someone who loves to stress bake, why not try incorporating CBD into something that already makes you feel better? There are plenty of options for CBD wellness baking to suit all levels of skill, whether you're incorporating the product into the bake itself, or drizzling a little something on top. Try substituting a portion of hemp honey for regular honey in your bakes for an earthy, full taste. Or, if you're less confident in your skills, drizzle some on a homemade loaf with a little butter for the same effect.

If you tend to fall more on the cooking side of the spectrum, don't worry! There are still plenty of ways to incorporate hemp honey products into your food. Try drizzling it over nuts, yogurt, and granola for a full-bodied flavor in the morning. For something a little more on the savory side of things, mix it with a bit of thyme to make an excellent addition to roasted root vegetables. Feeling ambitious? Mix a little with lemon, garlic, pepper, and Dijon mustard for a glaze for Omega-3 rich fish that will not only help calm anxiety, but will help provide the fatty acids that are essential to maintaining a well-balanced diet.

Wellness management is never easy, especially when faced with what can feel like an overwhelming number of choices. But the important thing about incorporating CBD wellness products, or any other form of health management, is that you do your research and decide what looks right for you. No one knows your brain like you do, and a successful combination looks different for everyone. But if you find that combination that works for you, then having another tool to help manage depression and anxiety can be a source of both empowerment and relief.

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