Blending Ancient Herbal Wisdom & Modern CBD


Promoting health & wellbeing by combining organic hemp CBD with ancient herbal medicine

Here at Earth Spiral Medicine, my mission is to combine the ancient wisdom of traditional herbal medicine with the modern science and technology of Hemp derived CBD. I provide a variety of Cannabinoid rich herbal supplements that are supportive to one’s health - body, mind, and soul. Whether it be chronic pain, mental health, or immune support, plant medicine can provide a path of progressive healing and a sense of well-being that goes beyond one’s expectations.

Maine Medical Marijuana Caregiver, herbalist & CBD specialist

I am an always-learning herbalist and a participant of Maine's Medical Marijuana Program as a caregiver. While I love to serve my medical patients, I have a strong desire to be useful to more people in my community. I believe most everyone would benefit greatly from incorporating plant medicines into their self care routine. My passion is formulating and creating herbal products that will have a positive impact on many people's lives. My goal is to provide safe, effective and enjoyable plant-derived products free of the negative side effects that come with pharmaceutical medications. 

The power of plant medicine, hemp cannabidiol (CBD) and a wholistic, natural approach to health

Combining the benefits of CBD with the supportive properties of the plants found in the natural world around us is a powerful and beautiful notion. It is a step along the collective path of healing that we share as human beings. Plant medicine has roots in every culture around the world. There are written records of using plants for healing and treating various ailments that date back 5,000 years! I believe that returning to our ancestor’s view and treatment of the body is the most practical and beneficial approach to wellness. Having a natural approach to our health ensures a more sustainable future for our bodies, and our planet Earth.

                                                       ~ KELLY  BENSON